Inspired by the face cards in a playing deck and his loved of Spider-Man, L Jamal Walton has produced series of Spider-Man prints each featuring two characters from Spider-Man related comics. 
Each print in the series is a signed and numbered 18" x24" and is limited to sets of seven prints. Three  are signed with one character right side up and four are signed with the other character right side up.  


This print is printed on Epson premium luster photo paper using giclée printing.
Giclée printing refers to fade-resistant, pigment based, archival quality, inkjet printing. 

Prints ship bagged and rolled in a sturdy tube to prevent damage. 
Prints delivered to events are bagged and boarded for protection. 

The size shown above is the standard size for this print.
The standard rectangular vertical sizes are 11"x17", 18"x24", and 24"x36".
The standard rectangular horizontal sizes are 17"x11", 24"x18", and 36"x24".
The standard square sizes are 12"x12" and 24"x24".
We can print smaller and larger. Contact us for custom sizes.

Selecting Number for Limited Editions
Certain numbers (1,2,3,7) within limited editions may have premiums added to the price. Those will be listed separately above in a select box labeled Edition Number.  If there isn't a select box, then all those numbers may have been selected.  Selecting "next available" in the select box will result in you receiving the next highest number available. If want a specific number that isn't listed in the select box, please add that request to your order. If the number is not available, then we will contact you.


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