101: Ignorance Is Strength : We Will Be Together

This story would not exist with the poem that Megan sent me oh so many years ago. It was stashed away in my notes for Ungoodwise and as I started these 1984 stories, I knew right where if fit in. Behold her words…

Here I am sitting in the corner again

watching time roll by,

but can not be real.

I have become inverted

on an alternate plane

where only I live the surreal.

While In my waking state of semi- consciousness,

I waited and I saw everything.

I know who is loving who and…

who is telling lies.

It is my soul that empathizes

with your spirit because

I have done it all.

I have become evil incarnate

not because I overcame the competition,

but because it overcame me.

I am frightened into this emptiness

that precludes my hell.

It is my strength that steals from your ambition…

that catalyzes this self destruction.

My curse is to choke on the secrets which I could never hide,

turning me as I become a demon of destiny breathing rage and bleeding pain,

cursing the master of sin, himself.

From his gloomy destruction,

my havoc seduces you

and claims your soul.

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