To the Extreme : Flaming Carrots

This page was completed during the last day of the third summer session of the Comic Creators Camp (C3). Comic Creators Camp was a summer camp in comic creation for children in grades 3-12. Myself, a local art teacher (Malcom Goff) and 2 local language arts teacher (Doug Coleman & Morghean McPhail) designed the curriculum and taught over 50 children how to create comics. As the children finished up on the last Friday of camp, I set up my laptop and tablet so that they could watch me (as time permitted) create this comic.

They particularly enjoyed FLAMING carrots.

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Tiegre: East of Warmageddon

Last Updated:
03 March 2021

A map of an unknown continent surfaced and Tiegre along with 2 of her closest allies are chosen to explore the land east of Warmageddon.



Government failures have left the management of the world and its people to four mega-corporations. Growing unrest has led to guerrilla campaigns to restore the rule of the people.



Welcome to the land of Warmageddon... a fantasy land where the economy is based on gladiator combat. How do you live when life is measured one battle at a time?

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